Working in a distributed company is challenging, here at Ingenious we work with colleagues and clients from all over the work. Our slack is full of people from: Uruguay, Argentina, Cuba, Brasil, and the US., pretty good for a 40+ people company I think.

While we may think everybody is watching the WorldCup here in South America that's not probably the case for the people in Cuba and the US so I came up with an idea to let everybody know when you are watching a game.

Meet MundialBot⚽️

You know that moment when somebody mentions you on Slack while you are watching your team playing at the WorldCup, you try to keep watching the game while answering the message with your phone just to miss an important play.

MundialBot⚽️ solves it by looking at your timezone to guess your country and then looks if your national team is playing. If so, it automatically answers the mention with something similar to this:


You can configure it to read all messages in public channels or private ones as well, here at Ingenious we decided to use it for public channels only.

Get it while it's hot!

I can't write a detailed explanation on how I built it right now because I'm watching the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia but you can inspect the source code and maybe submit a nice PR to fix some of the problems it may have.

Thanks to Nicolas Torres Gussoni for helping me wirte this small article in a rush befor ethe WC starts.